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The 810 at Leo DuBois Garage possibly in the 50's (1)
The 810 at Leo DuBois Garage possibly in the 50's (2)
The 810 at Leo DuBois Garage possibly in the 50's (3)
The first time we saw the car (1)
The first time we saw the car (2)
Sold & ready for collection
Home-made dolly used to move the front end and transport the car home
The old girl arrives home
Sorting out the parts
Donor Jaguar XJ6 for suspension, steering, gearbox, diff, propshaft & V8 motor
Chassis cut and boxed to fit Jag front suspension (1)
Chassis cut and boxed to fit Jag front suspension (2)
Front suspension fitted
Fitment of rear Jag independent suspension with cradle - still to be boxed in (1)
Fitment of rear Jag independent suspension with cradle - still to be boxed in (2)
Fitment of rear Jag independent suspension with cradle - as viewed underneath the car
Rear Jag independent suspension fitted & boxed in
Setting up the motor to make the engine mounts
Fabricated engine mounting Left
Fabricated engine mounting Right - plus Steering mechanism customised to fit around motor
Fabricated cross-member & gearbox mounting
Tunnel cut for gearbox & prop-shaft
Gearbox cover & auto shifter. Steering now in place
Pedals and brake master cylinder connected
Mudguards, grille & hood fitted to check existing Jaguar radiator clearance. Didn't fit - so new radiator required.
Propshaft and swing-arms connected
Getting to grips with the instrumentation
First time on the ground - ready to start the bodywork
Repairing and preparing the grille
Extensive re-building & re-shaping rear fenders
Fenders repaired and smoothed (1)
Fenders repaired and smoothed (2)
Extensive repairs and re-shaping of gearbox cover which was in poor condition
Front end painted to check lines & finalize shaping
Edges of front fenders looking good
Hood, doors and fenders restored & painted white (as base coat)
Trunk lid restored & painted white - Body next
Main Body sandblasted & primed - rear panel below trunk re-built
Body being "flattened". Trunk hinges fitted on new wood frame
New wood frame around window and trunk with a piece of the original wood in foreground
Discs polished & refurbished
Suspension & pedal assembly stripped and refurbished
Brake calipers refurbished
Body shell painted light cream & chassis & suspension painted black
Starting to fit seats
Body ready for motor
Refurbished pedal assembly installed
Sample of new door panel being checked against body colour
New aluminum radiator
Remaining parts and all other bodywork sprayed cream
Engine refurbished. New aircleaner & valvecovers fitted.
Gearbox re-furbished
Original pleated leather seat pattern replicated with new leather upholstery
Back door panel - leather
Front Door panel - leather
Interior carpeting fitted
Back seat completed in leather
Rear door panel & seat
New roof lining fitted
Front seat cushions being covered in leather
Original front seat frame stripped & repaired
Original seat backing made out of Auburn packing crate - Auburn signwriting still on the wood
New hand-crafted step panels fitted - with sample of the old one as a comparison
Rear parcel shelf fitted in leather
Manufacturing Plate on the Cord Westchester (Model, Serial No & Engine No.)
BODY number plate. The C90 prefix means that this is a fastback sedan body, as used on Westchesters and on the 810 Beverly. Auburn started the numbering with 101, so this is the 1257th sedan body made
All body panels painted cream and fitted
Radiator frame fabricated to fit new radiator
Twin electric fan & fabricated housing to assist cooling
Transmission cooler fitted at base of radiator
Motor, gearbox & radiator done
Refurbished rear suspension fitted
Underneath car - painted black stone-chip, plus new sump etc.
Jag wheels fitted with Cord pattern insert cut from original Cord rims, & Moon Hubcaps to finish it off
Original Speaker, new wiper motor & sun-visor (still to be covered) in leather
Checking the new machined & polished stainless steel dashboard
Dash installed. Temp Gauge & Ignition light still to be fitted
Making a replica of the Radio. Old gauge used in hand machined casing and fitted with original Radio glass.
Replica of the shifter column moulded out of dental plastic.
Shifter Arm painted & fitted. Lever connected to indicators.
Chrome fender welting & chrome trim on grille fitted
Hood fitted with latch & stay, & tires fitted on rims
Looking like the real deal now!
Headlights installed
Tail-lamps and Licence Holder installed and working
Remaining Chrome fitted and car completed 6th April 2006- ain't she beautiful!
The "Westy" Looks stunning from any angle!
Pretty as a picture - A design marvel.
Looks good from the rear too!!
The amazing dashboard.
The pleated leather interior.
A sign from above that I should own a Westchester


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